Our Returns Process


In order to return a product(s) to NZ Laptop Wholesale for warranty or other reason,  Please simply fillout the below form with the required details, and return the item(s) back to us.

Please note the Terms & Conditions of our 90 Day RTB Warranty.

Please note that if you like to return any item by your yourself to our warehouse, this form is still required to be filled out.

If there is any question on above, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.



Terms and Conditions
This Return Authorisation is only valid for 30 days from the creation date, after which it is automatically cancelled and a new
one will need to be requested.
Please ensure that only the product(s) displayed above are returned on this Return Authorisation number.
All non faulty returns must be unopened and in pristine condition.
All faulty products must be returned in a complete set which includes all the components that were supplied originally
eg. Cables, CD, manuals and hardware.
NZ Laptop Wholesale reserve the right to reject any returns which do not match the original request details – including
condition, product code or serial number. If rejected, the product will be returned to you at your expense.

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