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Dell SFF Desktop,...
Dell SFF Desktop, 4th Gen i7, 8GB Ram, 120GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro
Dell’s most powerful commercial desktop ever, the Dell™ OptiPlex™ 9020 is the wo...
$432.00 + gst
$496.80 inc gst
Lenovo M92p with i5...
Lenovo M92p with i5 3470 CPU, 8GB Ram, USB3 ports, Windows 7 Pro
Proven Lenovo Performance, This Desktop with a 3rd Gen Intel i5 is suitable for YOUR TASKS.
$219.00 + gst
$251.85 inc gst
Lenovo SFF M72e, i3...
Lenovo SFF M72e, i3 3220, 4GB, 250GB HDD, DVD, Windows 7 Pro
Lenovo desktops bring users with stable, solid, persistant performance.   To meet the per...
$129.00 + gst
$148.35 inc gst

Dell 23"...
Dell 23" TouchScreen 9020 AiO, i5 4570s, 8GB, Win 10 Pro
Sleek and powerful, with a space-saving design, the touch-screen OptiPlex 9020 AIO enhances work...
$699.00 + gst
$803.85 inc gst
HP 8200 Elite, i5...
HP 8200 Elite, i5 2400, 4GB, 250GB, DVD, Windows 7 Pro
*** NZLW Recommended Desktop***   HP Compaq 8200 Elite Small Form Factor PC has rear ...
$169.00 + gst
$194.35 inc gst
HP Elite 8300 USFF,...
HP Elite 8300 USFF, 3rd Gen i5 & 22" LED Combo, Windows 7 Pro
HP Elite Desktop, 8300 USFF   This pairing is perfect for you office or retail, where...
$299.00 + gst
$343.85 inc gst

HP LED, 21.5", Pro...
HP LED, 21.5", Pro Display P221 Wide Monitor, 1920x1080
One for all and all for one, Muskehounds are always ready. One for all and all for one, helping ever...
$95.00 + gst
$109.25 inc gst
Lenovo TFF, M93p,...
Lenovo TFF, M93p, i5 4570T, 8GB Ram, 120GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro
The Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p takes productivity, manageability and efficiency to the next level. The ...
$379.00 + gst
$435.85 inc gst
Dell Optiplex 990,...
Dell Optiplex 990, i5 2400, 4GB, 250GB, Windows 7 Pro
The Dell 990 Desktop is one of Dell's Main Business Desktops as it is small, powerfull and reliable.
$165.00 + gst
$189.75 inc gst

Apple Slim iMac...
Apple Slim iMac 21.5" Mid 2014, i5 4260u, 8GB, 500GB, Full-HD
The iMac is, of course, a great example of Apple’s elegant industrial design. It houses everyt...
$869.00 + gst
$999.35 inc gst
HP Elite 8300 USFF,...
HP Elite 8300 USFF, i5 3470s, 4GB, 320GB, Windows 7 Pro
HP Elite Desktop, 8300 USFF with i5 3rdG CPU...4GB Ram... Small & Powerful... Unit Speci...
$225.00 + gst
$258.75 inc gst
Dell E6230, i5...
Dell E6230, i5 3320m, 12.5" HD, HDMI, USB 3.0, Windows 10 Pro
As usual with Dell, comprehensive configuration options are available to consumers. The Dell E62...
$239.00 + gst
$274.85 inc gst



Why Buy Refurbished IT...?


Buying New vs Used“Why not?” is the real question! Buying cheap used laptops, desktops and other quality used IT makes really good sense for a number of reasons.

For often less than one quarter of the price of new IT you can get a cheap laptop or other equipment that performs to a similar level as new equipment these days.

So, these are three key questions to consider when buying a used laptop, other computer, monitor or accessories.


  1) What is my budget ?
  2) What quality do I require ?
  3) Do I need to buy NEW ?

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What is my budget ?

what is your budget for buying a laptopShiny new stuff looks good! But soon the shine is gone and for roughly between one quarter and one fifth of the price of a new computer you can buy quality refurbished IT with hardware that is nearly comparable. This is because hardware development is now more “evolutionary” than “revolutionary” meaning this year’s model is no longer leaps and bounds ahead in performance compared to models that are one to two years old. Why not buy a laptop cheap when it will function and look “as new”?


What quality do I require ?

Quality and price go hand in hand.  You can buy new “consumer level” IT at numerous stores for “entry level” prices.  However, if you want greater quality and performance it goes without saying you will pay more.

Refurbished IT bridges the gap between quality and price; you can buy a higher quality fully refurbished “nearly new” computer for less than the cost of an entry level consumer computer. In other word, a refurbished cheap laptop or other computer gives you access to a level of sophistication and performance that you may not otherwise be able to afford.



New vs Refurbished ?

Buy laptops with confidence

Refurbished makes good sense versus new. You can shop smarter for cheap used laptops and other IT; affording good quality and higher specifications for very reasonable prices.

And we take the hassle out of buying refurbished laptops, desktops, monitors, servers, accessories etc. Browse around our selection and you will see what we mean.


And please give us a call to discuss what you are looking for!
Our stock is constantly changing and we can talk about various options.




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